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izhou 11, is being tested and will make its first flight next year, sending six ▓satellites into orbit, according to Sanjiang.The Kuaizhou 11 will have a liftoff wei▓ght of 78 tons and will be capable of placing a payload of 1 metric ton into a s▓un-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 700 kilometers, or a 1.5-ton

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payload into a low-Earth orbit.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNumerous Chinese technology corporations have embar▓ked on 鈥楪o Globalmarketing and sales campaigns to introduce their products and services worldwide.China Breakthroughs: Chinese comp

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anies seek tech innovations in IsraelChina Breakthroughs: Chinese companies seek tech innovations in▓ Israel10-22-2017 10:23 BJTNumerous Chinese technology corporations have embarked on 'Go Global' marketing and sales campaigns to introduce their products and services worldwide.The concept sounds attractive fo

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such endeavors do not always guarantee success.China has struggled under a negative reputation ▓for having a business environment that appears permissive ▓when it comes to shortcuts on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), playing copy-cat w

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ith new technology trends and lacking a true innovative spirit.Nevertheless, Chinese companies are taking tremendous strides in recent years to overcome such deficiencies by making large-scale R&D (Research & Development) investments

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and encouraging greater cooperation on joint ▓ventures with foreign-owned firms.Israeli technology companies are playing a pivotal role to help 'China Tech' to design ground-breaking devices that transform society.Shining a light on Israel's R

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&D▓ centersThe Chinese and Israeli governments, as well as leading universities from both nation▓s have been collaborating to build the most-advanced R&D centers in Israel as the country is gaining prominence for establishing its 'Silicon Valley' of the Middle East.Israeli tech research labs have received hundreds of millions of US dollars in capital to develop new inventions that can grab the

hearts of consumers, investors and manufacturers.Chinese tech giants – Alibaba, Baidu, Lenovo and Xiaomi – have all agr

eed to open subsidiary R▓&D centers in the country.Ch

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  • We will also introduce private capital and
  • partners in the rockets▓' production to opti
  • mize the outsourcing and marketing work," he
  • said.Sanjiang began to develop Kuaizhou-series soli
  • d-fuel rockets in 2009 in hopes of prese▓nting a
  • low-cost, quick-response rocket family to the
  • commercial launch market. It ha▓s launche

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inese companies realize that the old ways of doing business, which i

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ord for launch frequency for a single▓ model of carrier rocket, the company said.A new-generation rocket, the Kua
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